Goal: To try every restaurant in Whitehorse

A few weeks ago, I moved to Whitehorse, Yukon.

My husband got a job so we packed up our lives in Ottawa and North we went. Actually, we mostly went West.

But here we are.

At 25,000 people, Whitehorse is far smaller than anywhere I’ve lived before (Edmonton, Victoria, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa). But for a city of its size, it has plenty of restaurants and quite a few cuisines to try.

Currently, TripAdvisor claims Whitehorse has 83 restaurants, Urbanspoon lists 63, and Yelp is useless here.

Between a visit in February and these first few weeks, I’ve already tried about a dozen places. I’ll get around to doing some mini-reviews about those.

As per the title of this post, my goal is to try every restaurant in Whitehorse. But my husband and I are also both avid cooks, so there may be posts about food availability, recipes and local ingredients.

Either way, I’m in the Yukon and I love food (cheap eats, fast food, high end, home-cooked) so here’s a blog.

And thank you to Scott MacDonald for the name!