Review: Blackbird Bakery

image1As newcomers, we’re currently going through the steps of becoming locals. We applied for our health care cards (and followed that up with a trip to Sakura Sushi) last week. This week we set out to get insurance and registration for the car. While the husband was getting in a lunch hour line for our Yukon plates, I walked over to Blackbird Bakery.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve checked it out, but it was the first time it was open.

Blackbird is a dessert bakery. Pies, cakes, cookies, etc. Hot beverages are available, as is some jewelry!


I was already making some Banh Mi for lunch (more on that in another post), so I just wanted a couple desserts for afterwards. I grabbed a Shortbread cookie, a Pecan Caramel bite and a butter tart.


My favourite was the butter tart but I always love butter tarts. (When we were in Australia for Christmas, I made some in a 40 degree kitchen to *hopefully* the delight of the in-laws. Pavlova is really a better option in the summer heat of the holidays down under.)

I’m also a sucker for lemon tarts, so I need to come up with a reason to try their Lemon Cake layered with lemon curd topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. It sounds delish!


Likelihood of return visit: Of course, there are many more delights to try!

Recommended dish: Pecan Butter Tart (but husband adds that he wants to try the traditional raisin butter tart before making this official)

Tripadvisor: #21 of 84 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Urbanspoon: Not Listed

Blackbird Bakery: Unit 130, Waterfront Station, 2237 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse

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