Pre-blog Visit: McDonalds (1 of 2)

We don’t go to McDonalds much.

But when we do, it’s probably 6am or after 8pm.

There are two reasons we are ever at McDonalds and they are breakfast or ice cream. My preference, when it comes to soft serve ice cream, is Dairy Queen. But since Whitehorse has been without one for a few years now (and I hear there’s quite a controversy about it), the McFlurry will have to be my McFill-in.

As for breakfast, I’m in the BLT bagel camp. I feel that’s not a popular choice, but they keep it on the menu year after year, so it must be a money maker, or easy.

Anyways, this post just makes it official that we visited McDonalds (on 4th) one early morning ahead of my husband going back up to work.  Still have to visit the one in the Walmart.

Likelihood of return visit: Depends on how warm it is this summer

Recommended dish: BLT bagel and do they still have the Coffee Crisp McFlurry?

Tripadvisor: #60 of 84 Restaurants in Whitehorse
McDonald's on Urbanspoon

McDonalds: 4227 4 Ave, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 1K2