Visits vs. Reviews

So you’ll see a few kinds of posts on this blog. Two major categories are visits and reviews. A lot of the visits will be pre-blog. That’s for the restaurants/cafes/etc that I tried before this blog existed. I likely didn’t take photos or really pay much attention to the meal. There will also be visits post-blog. That’s for the places that I haven’t tried enough to really offer many thoughts. That’s like going to Starbucks and having a tea, or even a restaurant I visited by myself. It’s hard to really review a place without trying more than one thing. But it counts as a visit! And that’s all I need to check them off my list.

As for reviews, I don’t want to be a big meanie. These are all restaurants owned by someone in the local area, providing jobs to local people. That’s why my main judgement is: Likelihood of return visit. For instance, I will go to Dominos Pizza even though I know that historically, I don’t care for Dominos Pizza. I’m not likely to return. That’s just based on my preference, not a reflection of the establishment. I think there is good in even the most hole-in-the-wall restaurants, even if sometimes it’s just that they served me “food” when I was hungry.

And since I love to cook (made some Japanese Okonomiyaki for dinner tonight), I will also use this blog to talk about food, ingredients, recipes and whatever else I come up with.