Review: Tokyo Sushi

I love Japanese food. But moving to Whitehorse I knew my standards couldn’t be quite Vancouver-like. (And after spending the last year in Ottawa, my expectations are already lower.)

I make my own Okonomiyaki, Tonkatsu, Spicy Shrimp Onigiri, Tonkotsu Ramen… but there are some items that are better when someone else makes them. At the top of that list is sushi.

Pre-blog, I have tried Sakura and Oishi. And I was pleasantly surprised! I’ll get around to doing a visit post, or a review when I inevitably end up there again.

Anyways, it was time to try Tokyo Sushi.

image7When going to a new Japanese restaurant, I (almost) always try the same thing: one roll (spicy tuna or dynamite), spicy agedashi tofu, and tako sunomono. They are three of my favourite dishes and it gives a good sense of the overall abilities of the restaurant. Often the dishes come from the front and back of house.

image9 As for the execution at Tokyo Sushi, my biggest complaint is that the glass of water I asked for showed up after my food.

I was in for a late lunch and it looked like staff were trying to get away and have their own lunch, so I wasn’t too concerned!

My favourite dish of the bunch was the Tako Sunomono. The key to it is good octopus. If it came from frozen (often it does), then I couldn’t tell. It wasn’t fishy-smelling, just had good spongy thick texture.

Next up, the spicy Agedashi Tofu.

image8It was nice and crunchy with soft tofu inside. The spicy sauce was tasty. But alas, there was no broth. Don’t know if it was missed or a conscious decision, but I missed it.

image11As for the sushi roll, I opted for the spicy tuna. It could have been a bit more spicy and have a bit more tuna in it. It had lots of tempura bits in it, which gave it a good crunch. I like texture in sushi rolls, so that was a win, even if the flavours let me down a bit.

Overall, I’d like to see what else they can do. It’s easier to judge when I bring my husband along so we can try more items. But nothing was bad and if a place can do good Tako Sunomono, they have a fan in me.

Likelihood of return visit: Very likely. I’ve admitted to my love of Japanese food and there’s a lot more things on the menu to try.

Recommended dish: Tako Sunomono

Tripadvisor: #15 of 85 Restaurants in Whitehorse

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Tokyo Sushi: 204B Main Street, Whitehorse, Yukon

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