Yukon visit: Caribou Crossing Coffee

As newcomers to the area, we’re jazzed to check out the surrounding communities. My husband loves to hike, camp, and fish, and I like to take pictures.

So a couple weeks ago, we took a drive out to Carcross. In case any of my non-Northerner friends are reading this, one of the interesting things about Carcross is its desert. (Note: not dessert)

Truth is, it’s not actually a desert but rather a series of northern sand dunes. Either way, it’s interesting.

image5We didn’t spend much time in the “desert” but opted to walk around the village on Bennett and Nares lakes.

And then we stopped for a coffee and tea at Caribou Crossing Coffee. Caribou Crossing is the original name of the village – shortened to Carcross for mail confusion reasons.

image6 image2

My tea was good and so was my husband’s coffee. The food looked really great, but we had a significant dinner planned that night so we didn’t indulge.

Likelihood of return visit: If we’re in Carcross, definitely.

Recommended dish: Hot beverages

Tripadvisor: #1 of 5 Restaurants in Carcross

Urbanspoon: Not listed

Caribou Crossing Coffee: Carcross Commons, Carcross, Yukon