Pre-blog Visit: Bocelli’s Pizzeria

Okay, so the photo doesn’t really match the subject matter of this post. But the photo was taken the morning after we had Bocelli’s pizza for the first time.

Another photo taken that morning?


Behind that yellow tape is the Yukon Inn where we were staying for our visit to Whitehorse. Overnight there had been a drive-by shooting. Thankfully, our rental car was not sprayed with bullets and was parked in an area of the lot where we were allowed to take it out.

That’s all a random aside to the fact we had Bocelli’s pizza the night before.

We’ve actually had it twice already – and both times it was fabulous.

Fresh toppings, loads of garlic, nice crust… and next time we have it I’ll get some good pictures for you.

As my husband says – any place that can be open for five hours, five days a week, and not on weekends, has to be doing something right the rest of the time.

Likelihood of return visit: Most definitely.

Recommended dish: Pizza

Tripadvisor: #5 of 85 Restaurants in Whitehorse

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Bocelli’s Pizzeria: 4159 4th Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon

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