Visit: The Watershed

Upon arriving in Whitehorse at the end of March, we were staying at a great little AirBnB downtown. Around the corner was The Watershed. It was just in the process of getting going. The owner, Micah, was still working on bringing in food and was in the process of getting a liquor license.

We returned to the Watershed last week and it has really taken off.


There’s an assortment of snacks (including meat pies in the warmer). In addition to the standard Yukon beers, there are some more creative choices.

There’s a outdoor patio, which has proved essential during this stretch of summer weather where temperatures have been about 10 degrees above seasonal for over a week.

And it seems like the space is being used for all sorts of activities, gatherings and fraternizing – as Micah told us it would be when we first met him.


As for the food, well I only tried a Nanaimo Bar. It was good – the top layer was a dark chocolate (as it should be, milk chocolate is too sweet against the sweet custard). My husband enjoyed his coffee as well.

Likelihood of return visit: High – there are meat pies to be tried when it isn’t 24 degrees!

Recommended dish: It’s a coffee shop, so.. coffee. But they also have Fat Tug, which my husband will say is the greatest IPA.

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The Watershed: 6159 6th Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon

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