New: Winterlong Brewing

Upon hearing that Winterlong Brewing was having a pre-opening on the Friday of the long weekend, my husband insisted we head over and fill up a growler.

It’s a small operation (not a microbrewery, but rather a nanobrewery) just up the road to Mt. Sima. But for their first day, they had a lot of swag!

image10 And apparently we weren’t the only ones who rushed out to check them out.

We went with the Pingo Pale Ale. It’s a bit hoppier than what I usually go for, but that means it’s right in my husband’s wheelhouse.

Also on tap was a Hefeweizen. I used to really go for these Wheat beers as a younger drinker. But I tend towards the maltier offerings nowadays.


They are off to the Haines Beer Festival this weekend, so you’ll have to wait to get your fill. We’re heading there too, so I guess you’ll be seeing some non-Whitehorse visits in the coming weeks of blog posts!

Likelihood of return visit: For certain – as my husband will try ever beer they come up with.

Recommended dish: (Not really a dish, but a glass of the) Pingo Pale Ale

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Winterlong Brewing: 83 Mount Sima Road, Whitehorse, Yukon

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