Pre-blog visit: Baked Cafe

I’ve been to Baked Cafe a few times. Despite some yummy looking options, I’m usually in there to just grab a drink before heading to the knitting shop or continuing on a walk. I did get a cookie once. I ate it in about a second. I was hungry. The cookie may have been good?

Anyways, as per these visit posts, it’s just to mark the fact that I have been to the cafe. And I have.

Likelihood of return visit: I feel my return is inevitable. I walked by people eating pizza there earlier this week and so that’s what I’ll get there next.

Recommended dish: Mango Italian Soda

Tripadvisor: #7 of 87 Restaurants in Whitehorse
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Baked Cafe: 100 Main St, Whitehorse, Yukon

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