Another great find: More cider!

Hats off to the Yukon Liquor Corporation for bringing in more cider this past week. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big cider fan, and one of my favourite brands is Sea Cider from Vancouver island.

So boy was I pleased by this!

IMG_5793My favourite Sea Cider is Rumrunner, but since that didn’t make it to the store this round, I can’t complain with Pippins (my 2nd favourite). They run you about $16 each (no extra cost to us Northerners) and if you think of it like a bottle of wine rather than cider or beer – it won’t feel that expensive. I mean, technically cider is apple wine.

IMG_5795Unfortunately, I’m a bit late putting up this post, so these are surely all gone by now. But I was in this week and saw a Cherry Cider from Tieton Cider Works in Washington State. I haven’t tried this variety before (but I will – as I did pick one up) but others from their line have proven very good.

I’ll try to post to twitter right as I see good stuff make it into the liquor store so that my five readers don’t miss out!

Whitehorse Liquor Store
2nd Avenue and Ogilvie Street
Whitehorse, Yukon