Visit: The Thai Box Food Cart

For a few weeks, I watched as neighbours down the street were prepping what looked to be a food cart. Food carts have really taken off in other North American cities, but I wondered how they would fare here, with a distinctly shorter season.

But with weeks of above 20 temperatures so far, I guess it wasn’t a bad bet.

Anyways, that cart on my street would turn out to be serving Thai food. Considering you have to go to Skagway (and only open during the summer) for the closest Thai restaurant, it has proved to be big news.

I’m told there were a few growing pains those first few days, so the husband and I waited a few weeks to check it out.


My husband (which tempted by the soup and salad) opted for the Chicken Red Curry. He’s really into Thai curries and often makes them from scratch – including the paste base! While this one had lots of veggies, it didn’t have as much flavour as we’re used to having at home. I figure that’s just an issue of preference.


I went with the Pad Thai (pictured at top) and it was the winner dish of the two. Nice and fresh and not too sweet (which is my most common complaint with Pad Thai). The noodles weren’t overcooked and mush, but rather firm, which is how I liked them.

Our food didn’t take too long to come up, despite quite a few people around. I’m guessing any production line issues have been solved (and the eager early crowds have diminished).

Likelihood of return visit: I really like curries in the winter, so it’s too bad this is only a summer option!

Recommended dish: Pad Thai

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The Thai Box: Rotary Park for lunch Monday to Friday, Whitehorse, Yukon