Not pictured: Village Bakery & Deli in Haines Junction

After a hike in Kluane, my husband and our two friends were famished. On our way to a shorter hike, we stopped in at Village Bakery and Deli in Haines Junction.

We each scarfed down a sandwich. I’d like to tell you it was good. It very well might have been. But what I know is that it was what we needed and none lasted in front of us more than a couple minutes. I also had a lemonade. It was tasty and gone in an instant as well.

In addition to wishing I took pictures for this post (the bear was spotted just south of Haines Junction, and you can see more of my pictures here), I wish I had grabbed one of the loaves of bread that looked spectacular.

Likelihood of return visit: Fairly high. Depends on when my husband can convince me to go hiking again.

Recommended dish: Bread

Tripadvisor: #1 of 12 Restaurants in Haines Junction

Village Bakery and Deli: 116 Auriol St, Haines Junction, Yukon