Visit: Bean North Cafe

Another day, another visitor from the south. (Though my mom is the last on the limited list of three.)

I took her out to the Takhini Hot Springs for a dip and on the way back we stopped at Bean North Cafe.  (Alas, I have not tried the crepe restaurant at the Hot Springs – it was just opening as we left.)

Anyways, it was a chance for her to pick up some locally-roasted beans for my dad, and a chance for me to check off another place from my list.

It was very busy – likely due to being midday on a weekend with weather not conducive to patio seating. But the staff was courteous and pleasant even as one of them scalded herself with steaming milk.

We grabbed decaf coffee for my mother and a decaf London Fog for me, plus we grabbed a couple of paninis.

The food was good, the space was lovely (just a bit loud) and I think my husband will really like it when I take him there sometime. I hope they are open in the winter!

EDIT: They have responded on twitter that they are open 5 days a week in the winter. 🙂

Likelihood of return visit: Won’t be soon, due to the location, but we’ll be there sometime.

Recommended dish: Coffee (I’m told)

Tripadvisor: #1 of 87 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Bean North Cafe: Km 8.8 on the Takhini Hotprings Road, Whitehorse, Yukon

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