Lunch visit: Antoinette’s

Before my mom caught her flight back down south, we had time for one last meal. Her first meal was at Panda Panda Noodle House (good as always!) and her final meal was.. next door at Antoinette’s.

Even though I have only been here a few months, I feel that a trip to Antoinette’s was overdue. By far, it was the most recommended restaurant by anyone I met (especially if I mentioned that I was trying every place in town).

Lunch is my preference for checking out restaurants. The portions tend to be more suited to my appetite, the prices are right, I don’t have to book ahead and the service tends to cater to the in-and-out crowd of business lunch.

Needless to say, I was happy to find out a couple of weeks ago that Antoinette’s had opened for lunch. Is this a seasonal thing?


My mom went for the Wicked Sticky – she had been jonesing for soup. Shown in the header image.

I hummed and hawed, wanting to try several items on the list, but threw a curve ball and opted for the Tocho. The poutine-like creation was really tasty, but definitely not the kind of thing I usually order. I had leftover potato salad for breakfast that day, so apparently I was embracing the starch. But it was heavy (as expected) and I did not finish it. It has pointed me in the Chook Chook for next time.

image4-1 The photo fails to show just how huge the soup was. My mom left me with the second half and it was a more-than-adequate lunch meal for me today.

The big winner for both of us what the fried dough served with the soup.  I have no idea what it is, but I loved it.

Sounds like it’s also a fun, musical place in the evenings, so that’s an atmosphere that lunch didn’t quite muster.

Likelihood of return visit: Must. Try. Dinner

Recommended dish: The fried dough that came with the giant soup

Tripadvisor: #4 of 87 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Antoinette’s: 4121 4 Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon

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