Visit: Pho Five Star

(Note: I’ve decided to move away from “reviews” because I’m barely scraping the surface of these establishments, even if I’ve tried a few things on the menu. For instance, I’ve been to Pho Five Star three times with varying levels of service and food. So if I only go once, how is that representative of the restaurant?)

I love Vietnamese food – pho, noodle bowls, nuoc cham sauce, and of course Banh mi. It’s a great cuisine for every season. A few years ago, I bought my husband the cookbook The Food of Vietnam by Luke Nguyen. (I highly recommend it.) I bought it for him because of the Australian chef and author, but it’s me who has really jumped into cooking this cuisine.

Whitehorse has just one Vietnamese restaurant: Pho Five Star (and has other names depending on your source)

I’ve been there a few times to satisfy my cravings for warm broth.

image1-2 image2-2

If you’re not familiar with Pho, it’s a beef broth noodle soup. The ones at Pho Five Star come with bean sprouts and a slice of lemon/lime. Other restaurants also provide Thai basil, long coriander, cilantro, jalapeno, etc. No two phos are ever quite the same.

My go-to meat options are steak, meat balls and tendon. Pho Five Star doesn’t have that as an option on the menu, so the meat balls are the first to go.  Tendon isn’t for everyone, but I like its weird gelatinous texture.

My most recent visit, I opted for a Vermicelli plate with grilled skewered pork, spring roll and prawn skewer. (As pictured)

There was more than enough food for a filling meal.

image4-2Likelihood of return visit: Anytime I get a pho craving and I don’t have the time to make it from scratch (most of the time)

Recommended dish: Vermicelli plate

Tripadvisor: #37 of 87 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Pho Five Star/Pho Chez Noodle: 2190 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon