Pre-blog visit: Sakura Sushi

Once again, this is a place that I have failed to photograph. Problem is – I’ve been there three times now. So because it’s not new to me anymore, I don’t think about taking photos.

I can tell you that I think it’s my favourite sushi/Japanese place in Whitehorse. (That’s why I’ve been back a couple times.)

The fish has seemed above average, they offer quite a few interesting items on the menu, and the service has always been efficient.

If you’re coming straight from Vancouver, there will be some shock at the prices, but Vancouver sushi prices can seem a bit TOO low at times.

Anyways, next time I’m there I’ll take some pictures to prove I was there.

Likelihood of return visit: High, though I should give Tokyo Sushi and Oishi another go. Plus I heard they are making fresh sushi at Superstore now.

Recommended dish: Dynamite Box

Tripadvisor: #18 of 87 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Sakura Sushi: 404 Wood Street, Whitehorse, Yukon