Visit: Garlic a GoGo (is not a food cart) at the Fireweed Market

I really want to classify Garlic a Go Go as a food cart. But as their sign points out “we are a commercial kitchen, not a cart!”

However, why can’t a mobile commercial kitchen not be a food cart? I look at the food carts in other cities and see businesses capable of catering events and serving a wide assortment of foods. I realize that the distinction is being made so that people realize they are making food fresh and can work with raw prep, but with the added food carts in the Whitehorse lineup, wouldn’t you want to be part of a trend?

Is food truck a more suitable term? The term food cart or truck helps give a better idea that they can be found different places on different days and shouldn’t indicate any worse level of food provided.
Anyways, that rant is legitimately one of love. I mean no ill-will to Whitehorse’s most popular mobile commercial kitchen and was very happy with my food and service when I visited them at the Fireweed Market.

IMG_7333(Sorry, should’ve taken the above photo straight on.)

We grabbed some chicken runners and fries with garlic sauce. The chicken was good (pictured at top) but the star of the show was the fries which were fluffy and crunchy, and the oh so garlicky sauce.

My husband went for a run later that day and said he could smell garlic coming out of his pores.

I’ve kept the photo of the fries huge to showcase the texture.


Likelihood of return visit: Once the summer is over, do I have to wait until next year for more fries?

Recommended dish: Fries with garlic sauce

Tripadvisor: #8 of 91 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Garlic a GoGo: At the Fireweed Market and other locations around Whitehorse

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