Visit: Marble Slab

Since summer has returned this week (finally!), let’s talk ice cream. My disappointment over the lack of a Dairy Queen is well known but I’m happy that Marble Slab is an option.

I first discovered Marble Slab living in Edmonton. I was working at a hotel on Whyte Ave, in the heart of Old Strathcona. A Marble Slab (one of the first in Canada) opened a block and a half away. As front desk staff, we are the gatekeepers to many recommendations in the area, and Marble Slab knew this. Free ice cream.

I don’t go to Marble Slab very often, my preference is still DQ (at least in places that have one), but I do like it.  Over the years I’ve strayed a few times from my go-to order, but I always come back.

So, what do I order?

Cheesecake ice cream with raspberries or pineapple.

This visit, I went with pineapple, and since there are unlimited mix ins (is this a change in all Marble Slabs?), I also added coconut. Graham wafer would be another good addition.

The outcome was exactly what I wanted and exactly what I expected. It’s a bit pricy, but you can often find coupons. And when I was in, it wasn’t a nice day, but there was at least a half dozen people in line.

Likelihood of return visit: Husband loves ice cream but never seems to be in Whitehorse when it is ice cream weather!

Recommended dish: Cheesecake ice cream with raspberries or pineapple

Tripadvisor: #30 of 91 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Marble Slab Creamery: 2220- 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon

IMG_7700Were the colours always this bright??