Great Find: Kimbap at the Fireweed Market

What is Kimbap?

Well, as the above picture shows, it looks like sushi.

In fact, it is very much Korean sushi.  It’s a seaweed wrapped roll where the rice is seasoned with sesame oil (rather than rice vinegar as per Japanese) and filled with things like a futomaki roll, but different. How different? It’s fairly common to see cheese and ham end up in kimbap. There is some debate over whether kimbap is of Korean or Japanese decent. I learned that on the wikipedia page. 🙂

In Vancouver, I lived by a Korean grocery store that would sell you a roll of kimbap for $3. It was a great snack. And while you can dip in soy sauce, I find that kimbap usually has enough flavours to make it unnecessary.

IMG_7338The Kimbap being made by a young man at the Fireweed Market was kimchi-flavoured. If you know anything about Koreans, you know the fermented cabbage is the staple of their cuisine. The roll was made to order and better after a few minutes in the fridge to firm it up.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the cheap meal that I used to love in Vancouver. But nothing up here is Vancouver-priced so I need to get over my preconceived prices!

If you like sushi and want to try something different, you can find this at $8 a roll at the Fireweed Market – in the three times I’ve been there recently, I’ve seen him twice. So it’s not a guarantee!