It’s Open! Cultured Fine Cheese

I mentioned it a few months back and have long since tried it (the photo below shows Canada Day hours!), but I though I’d check it off the list of places to try in Whitehorse.

It’s a great little storefront and there’s always people around, so I hope they are doing well and can make it in this town!

I’d report back on the cheese we got, but I can’t remember what it was (and my husband picked it out). Just trust me, it was delicious.

Likelihood of return visit: Yes.

Recommended dish: Cheese.

Cultured Fine Cheese: 125 – 1116 Front Street, Whitehorse, Yukon



…Now if only they could bring in my favourite cheese in the world (which we managed to bring from the Ontario farm where it was made to our Vancouver Island wedding!)… Glengarry Fine Cheese’s Lankaaster. I’m not holding my breath – it doesn’t really make it out of Ontario, unless it is in my bag.