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I’m always excited to hear of a new restaurant in Whitehorse – especially ones that serving an ethnic cuisine that isn’t already here. I was at the optometrist when I heard about Talk of the Town. The clerk said she had recently visited the restaurant and it was probably already her favourite in town.

So, I had to check out this Filipino-Thai-Canadian joint.

I drove there on a day that poured rain and expected it would have kept most people home. The restaurant, part of the Casa Loma Motel complex, looked like it had recently been updated – very clean. I wasn’t alone there at 11:00am on a Saturday, but the place wasn’t hopping either. (I blame the downpour because as I will explain, the food should keep the place in business.)

I ordered two dishes, one from the Thai page and one from the Filipino page.

I knew it was going to be far more food than I needed but since I had driven all that way, it seemed a shame only to try one meal. And… LEFTOVERS!

IMG_7808IMG_7809  IMG_7804IMG_7812

This is only a small portion of the menu which also has many standard hotel restaurant favourites like sandwiches and salads, etc. I’ve thrown in “Breakfast” as an example.

From the Philippines dishes, I ordered Pancit Canton noodles. From the Thai menu, I ordered the Spicy Garlic and Pepper Shrimps.

IMG_7816 IMG_7815 IMG_7814 IMG_7813The Thai dish was recommended by the server when I asked him to choose for me. And it was the star. I really enjoyed the Pancit Canton (and would order it again) but I think about those garlic and pepper shrimps. I also think about trying some of the stew options come winter (which is apparently just around the corner – possibility of snow in the forecast this week – goodbye summer!).

The food was hot, fast, huge portions, and tasty. The service was pleasant and efficient. I just wish the restaurant wasn’t on the other end of town!

Also, they have Sunday buffets with the most amazingly random items. For instance…

Tomorrow’s buffet Aug 23 Sunday from 1130 to 230 pm. Meatballs with mushroom sauce, mixed veggies in coconut milk,teriyaki chicken, home style fries, perogies, sisig, pancit bihon, grilled salmon, special fried rice, rice pudding, gravy, salad soup, Pork Ala cobana

Posted by Talk of the Town Restaurant on Saturday, 22 August 2015

Likelihood of return visit: If we weren’t out of town so much in the past three weeks, we would’ve already returned.

Recommended dish: Garlic and pepper shrimp

Tripadvisor: #14 of 91 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Talk of the Town: 1802 Centennial St, Whitehorse, Yukon