Winter is coming: Restaurants shutting for the season

Whitehorse is a bit of a seasonal town. While it’s not like Skagway (which is a fraction of its population in the winter), we do have quite a few businesses that only operate in the summer months.

Below are places that have closing dates in the next few weeks.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, any suggestions of places I’ve missed would be appreciated!!

Alligator’s Grilled Cheese: Friday, September 4

Fireweed Thursday Market: Thursday, September 10

The Silver Bindi food truck: Thursday, September 10 (expected)

Thai Box food truck: Friday, September 18

Klondike Rib and Salmon: Friday, September 18

Compadres Burrito: Friday, September 25

Fireweed Saturday Market: Saturday, September 26

Candy’s Fruit Stand: Approx October 1 (sales start September 1)