Event: Yukon Culinary Festival (Part 1)

As mentioned, I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Yukon Culinary Festival about a month ago (time flies when you’re traveling around the territory and elsewhere for three weeks!).

The first event was a buffet-style picnic in the park outside the S.S. Klondike.

I arrived early in the day to help with the preparations so that once the food came out, I’d be off duty and able to enjoy the spoils.

IMG_7764 (1)

I’ll admit, I had to quash my inner event planner as a volunteer and that’s not easy! But I tried my best to quiet my organizationally-inclined mind and make centrepieces. (There’s one in the above photo!)

And honestly, the event went off without any problems – except maybe the shower rolling through at the exact moment that all the food was put outside. No one wants soggy dinner rolls. But that’s just a fun curveball thrown by Mother Nature.

What you came here for was the food, not my commentary on event planning!

IMG_7761 (1)

So how was the food? Delicious.


My favourites were the pea salad, a stuffing not mentioned on the menu, the elk cooked on a spit and the two desserts.


I’m not even a dessert person but while full to the brim, I walked out with an extra puff pastry tart.


Another thing that wasn’t on the menu but that I got a chance to try was the elk heart. I’m a fairly adventurous eater, so this wasn’t too much of a stretch. It was tender, but had that consistency that only organ meats seem to have. I probably wouldn’t order it on a menu, but I’m glad I tried it.IMG_7771

The event had some great entertainment, plus a pretty lovely backdrop. Too bad it wasn’t one of those glorious sunny nights so that we were out from under the tenting.

The culinary festival took the show on the road for the next two days, heading up to Dawson with a group of folks who had paid for a package deal of the full event.

The final event was back in Whitehorse on Sunday. (In next post)