Event: Yukon Culinary Festival (Part 2)

For the second event, we traveled to Rivendell Farms.

Whitehorse’s best chefs have collaborated on a menu with Yukon’s gourmet chef and author Michele Genest, Sydney Celebrity Chef Chris Irving and Edible Canada’s Chef Eric Pateman to create the ultimate farm feast where you will dine in the middle of the fields from which the chefs drew their inspiration. This evening will feature sustainable and mind blowing vegetables and meat from throughout the region. Let the flavours of the Yukon take you to levels you never even knew existed!


This time, I wasn’t wiping down chairs and making centrepieces, but rather in the open air kitchen doing prepwork.


My husband will be the first to tell you that even though I love to cook and I’m fairly good at it, my knife skills are poor  – I don’t cut myself, I’m just slow and not great at getting uniform slices. But I started chopping. Mushrooms, onions, spruce needles.. Grating carrots into ribbons, pulling mustard greens and flowers from stems.. At the end of it, my hands were orange, my back was sore and I was glad that I never pursued the kitchen staff side of working in a restaurant.

My time was mostly spent helping the guys from Inn on the Lake. I came home after the event and googled the inn immediately. It looks gorgeous. But as long as I’m unemployed, I think a little getaway might be out of our price range for now. Maybe we will get there to celebrate my employment, whenever that may be!

So, how about the meal?


It was pretty great. It’d be hard to pick a favourite. I’ve actually tried to make an imitation of the Wild Mushroom and Spruce Butter Tart. So obviously that one stuck with me. And I also ate a lot of the chocolate terrine (there were off-cuts in the volunteer section, though they lacked the haskap liqueur that really cut the richness of the chocolate).


Anyways, I’m so thankful I got to be a volunteer at the festival, not just for all the yummy foods I got to eat, but I think it was good for me to see a kitchen pump out quality food for 160 people. It’s quite the undertaking. I look forward to next year’s event and hope I can again be a part of it!


Note: I know The Wheelhouse is mentioned on the menu, but there was no sign of anyone associated with the restaurant at the event. It is still one of the restaurants I need to visit in Whitehorse.