Visit: Quiznos

Since I’ve already tried two of the three Subways, I figured it was time to try the other chain sub place in town: Quiznos. It’s next to the now defunct Asian Central Store (Sigh).

I’ve always preferred Subway to Quiznos, but that’s usually because there’s about a million Subways, so the chances are there’s one close to where I am. Plus I’ve always been disappointed when I strayed from the Turkey Bacon Guacamole sandwich at Quiznos. (For a while, it was gone from the menu, but you could still order it.)

So of course, what did I do? I strayed from the TBG. The order by the guy in front of me and the sign beside me, prompted me to try something different. Bad plan.

I tried the Cuban pulled pork. It was unfortunately nothing like a Cubano sandwich – or at least the ones I knew and loved in Vancouver at Las Tortas. Of course it was nothing like it! Trying chain restaurant attempts to be ethnic have to have lowered expectations.  And this sandwich wasn’t bad (it had lots of pulled pork – maybe too much?), it just wasn’t my old TBG.

I can say lots of good things about my experience, including quick and friendly service. But next time I go back, I’m going back to my old faithful. That’s where the real Whitehorse vs. Rest of Canada comparison will come in.

At least I got my pepperocinis.

image2 Likelihood of return visit: Fair

Recommended dish: Turkey bacon guacamole sub

Tripadvisor: #57 of 91 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Quiznos: 210B Ogilvie Street, Whitehorse, Yukon