Upcoming Event: Yukon Beer Festival

My husband and I were recently in Belgium and Slovenia on a long overdue (a year and a half late) honeymoon. We each got to pick a country for a week. I picked Slovenia (note: it was beautiful and I highly recommend it) and he picked Belgium.

Why Belgium? For one, he hadn’t been there. But the bigger reason was beer. My husband is a bit of a beer nerd or beer snob. And why not? These days, there are so many microbreweries producing beers for every imaginable flavour profile, that you might as well find what you like.

I won’t give you a run down of what he/we tried in Belgium – but sours featured prominently. We visited a brewery called Cantillon – which is a mecca for sour beer lovers. And if you’re ever in Antwerp, Kulminator had the most unbelievable beer list imaginable.  IMG_8888I like sour beers (probably stemming from my interest in dry and tart ciders) but I also like the dark beers of winter – stouts, porters, brown ales, etc. I usually pass on pumpkin ales, but it’s usually the start of a good trend.

While the Liquor Store in Whitehorse is a far cry from any private store in BC or Alberta or across the river in Quebec when we were living in Ottawa, I do appreciate that they try to bring in some craft beer selections. I regularly check the new stock lists hoping to see one of our old favourites.

I miss you Tom Green Milk Stout and Beau’s beer dip!

But I’ll admit, often our good beer at home has been brought in from out of province or state. I hope I don’t get in trouble for admitting this. But when I’m down south visiting friends or family, I can’t help but truck a few bombers back to try the latest creations.

We went to the Haines Beer Festival this summer on our 1st anniversary. But we had the dog with us, so I didn’t actually get to go in and try anything.

So I was pretty pleased to see there’s another festival coming up, the Yukon Beer Festival.

It’s this weekend.

(Sorry, should’ve given you more warning, but I’m new to town and don’t have many friends to tell me these things! I just stumble upon them!)

I can’t tell you what it’s like or what to expect – but I’ll try to check out one of the days and let you know how it goes. The real person to ask would be my husband, but alas, he’s back at work this week after a few off.