According to Trip Advisor, how many restaurants have I tried?

Trip Advisor says there are 91 restaurants, but only lists 75. There are a couple catering companies and other non-restaurants but still… I have been to 39(!!!). I’m also surprised by that number, but I do have a lot of time on my hands. (I’m not certain I’ve remembered to post about all of them, I may have missed one of the restaurants I visited before this blog started.)

I figured instead of listing the restaurants that I have visited, I thought I’d make a list of the ones I still need to go to – so that I can check them off. In taking the ones from the Trip Advisor list, I realized it is incomplete (for instance, there’s only one Tim Hortons on there and there are two in town that I still need to go to!). I have added any additional restaurants that I’ve been able to think of, please let me know of any that I might be missing!

Dirty Northern Public House
G&P Steak House and Pizza
Giorgio’s Cuccina
Cafe Balzam
Cork & Bull
Kopper King
Faladi Foods
Tim Hortons (2)
Gr8ful Spud
The Sternwheeler Saloon
Airport Chalet
Tony’s Pizza
Jake’s Diner
Robyn’s Street Grill
Wolf’s Den Restaurant
506 All Day Grill
Bailey’s Pub and Grill
North Dragon Restaurant
The Ridge Pub
Steele Street Restaurant and Lounge
Ricky’s All Day Grill
The Cellar Steakhouse
Edge Bar and Grill
Domino’s Pizza
Amy’s Tea House
Green Garden Restaurant
China Garden Restaurant
Pizza Hut
Grandview Bar and Grill
Subway (3 of 3)
Booster Juice
Big Bear Donair
Silver Bindi food cart
Alligator Grilled Cheese food cart

As well, I’d like to hear from you as to which of the above restaurants I should go to next. Is your favourite still on that list? Let me know in the comments or by email.