A fond farewell: Restaurants that have closed since I moved here

This week, I learned that while gallivanting around Europe on my honeymoon, that our first favourite restaurant in Whitehorse had closed.

Apparently the owners of Bocelli’s Pizza decided to retire.

My husband is still in mourning.

But the death of my favourite pizza place in Whitehorse sparked a debate: What’s the best pizza in town?

Epic Pizza now moves into my number one spot. It’s also the only place to eat here in Riverdale (though we are out of our sublet at the end of the year – so are you looking for responsible tenants?).

But I like the thinner crust style of Epic and Bocelli’s.

If you like thicker crust, there were also votes for G&P Steakhouse. I can’t vouch for them but as I run out of restaurants open for lunch, I’ll eventually get there.

Anyways, please let me know where I should get pizza – especially on Sunday/Monday nights when Epic Pizza is closed.

Which is better, Dominos or Pizza Hut? (ugh)

Another place I visited that closed recently is The Watershed. I see the owner of the cafe is running for city council so I’m sure it’s not the last we’ve seen of him. I kept meaning to go to movie night there. Never did. Sigh.

And while it has been months since it closed, I always meant to write something about the Asian Central Store and Restaurant. I went there several times to pick up ingredients that were difficult to find elsewhere and even tried the buffet lunch. I’m glad that there’s Talk of the Town for Filipino food in town, but I miss wandering that little grocery store.

Have any other restaurants or cafes gone out of business in the last few months?

(Or are you excited for anything opening up soon? …still waiting for you, Big Bear Donair...)