Visit: Oishi Sushi

When I first arrived in Whitehorse, there were four sushi restaurants. I was seeking out one of them only to find it had shut permanently. Now there is a cafe in the space at Wood and 3rd.

I kept wandering and found the sign for Oishi on the corner of Main and 3rd. It took me a few more minutes to figure out where the restaurant actually is.

Both times I’ve been there, it’s been busy – usually a stream of takeaway clients as well as people sitting at the 8 available chairs. The two women working there are working the cash, serving everyone and making all the food. It’s tiring just to watch.

IMG_8717My two visits have been varied in terms of quality. The first time, I thought it to be quite good. The second time was not so great. Eventually I’ll go back a third time as a tie-breaker.

Also, it’s nice that you can get a Korean Bi Bim Bap in the downtown core, but the better one is up at The Hue Oasis in the Skky Hotel.

IMG_8721Likelihood of return visit: Third time’s a charm

Recommended dish: To be determined

Tripadvisor: #45 of 92 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Oishi Sushi: 211 Main Street, Unit 210, Whitehorse, Yukon