Missed Visit: The (Chocolate) Claim

I’ve actually been to the (now not Chocolate just) Claim on several occasions. Once was when we visited Whitehorse in February, before actually moving here, and another it was warm enough to eat a sandwich (I got there) in our yard.

Unfortunately, neither of those times (and there might have been a third) were recent enough to give a very detailed description of the location. It’s a coffee shop that serves some food and also chocolate. I genuinely thought I had posted a visit months ago with pictures, but as I was going through my list of restaurants to try, there was no sign of it!

That said, the sandwich (the aforementioned yard sandwich) was memorable. It was egg salad and it had capers in it. I remember thinking, that’s a nice touch. A piece of lettuce had slid from the sandwich and fallen on the ground. The dog we’re taking care of was quick to pounce. He licked the egg salad off the leaf and left the lettuce.

Smart dog.

Anyways, it’s a pleasant space and I get my hair cut on that block so…

Likelihood of return visit: It’s very likely that I would be back.

Recommended dish: Egg salad sandwich

Tripadvisor: #40 of 93 Restaurants in Whitehorse

The Claim: 305 Strickland Street, Whitehorse, Yukon

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