Not pictured visit: Heavenly Bite Bake and Cafe

I recently visited Heavenly Bite Bake and Cafe. It’s in a building on the corner of Wood and 3rd. When I first arrived in town, it was a Japanese restaurant but closed within a week or two of my arrival. This business appears to have opened in the last couple of months.

From what I’ve been told, this corner has struggled to keep businesses afloat. Best of luck to the newest owners!

Anyways, I had a tea and my company had one too, as well as a day old scone. I failed to ask her thoughts on the baked good. The tea was acceptable. It’s hard to judge tea – instead just judging the kinds available (of which there were plenty).

They also had an assortment of baked goods and veggie/fruit platters.

According to their Facebook page, they were to be open into the evening – which would be a nice option, considering many of the coffee shops in town are closed by 6 or 7. Unfortunately, it was a mistype on the page, and we were given the boot just after 6:00.

Owning and running a business in a town like Whitehorse would be a tough endeavour. The seasonal nature of visitors would be tough, as would the competitive (and potentially saturated market). I’m already not so surprised when good restaurants fail in this climate. I’m sure we’ll lose another over the winter. For the sake of people wanting a coffee before or after an afternoon movie at the theatre on Wood, I hope Heavenly Bite can make it.

Likelihood of return visit: Will have to get my official coffee taster (aka husband) there for a trial run

Recommended dish: Tea

Tripadvisor: Not listed in Restaurants in Whitehorse

Heavenly Bite Bake and Cafe: 302 Wood Street, Whitehorse, Yukon