All Yukon Eat on Facebook

If Twitter wasn’t enough, I’ve created a Facebook page for All Yukon Eat. I’m currently in the process of sharing all the posts I’ve done here – but unfortunately, some are out of date, RIP Bocelli’s.

That’s not all that exciting if you follow the blog regularly.

However, the other thing I’m trying to do is share the news of restaurants in town. Specials, events, coupons and even what is their soup of the day.

Let’s be honest, Facebook can be a pain. I routinely miss updates from friends and family yet get see every single musing from some elementary school acquaintance. But it’s a highly used tool up here in Whitehorse. And I’ll use it to try to find as much food news as I can muster, in order to share it with you.

So please give my page a follow.

(I’m also on Twitter.)