Visit (and takeout): North Dragon

So I think I’ve found my favourite of the standard Chinese restaurants (no, I don’t include Panda Panda Noodle House in the rankings, because it’s in a league of its own).

Of the options available downtown (and based on only one visit to all the restaurants), I prefer North Dragon. I guess I left the best for last.

Now, I should also note that there are Chinese restaurants outside of the downtown core that I have not visited. There’s one in Porter Creek and another by the Kopper King (another establishment still on my to-do list).

Anyways, the night I ordered from North Dragon, the restaurant was BUSY. In addition to many of the tables full inside (plus a back seating area I’d never noticed while driving by), there were half a dozen of us waiting for pickup.

Despite how slammed they seemed, I thought the three dishes I ordered were pretty good. The black bean vegetables were a bit saucy, but that was my main complaint.

The portions were huge and none of the dishes were overcooked (tender meat, crisp veggies).


I look forward to trying more dishes when I’m not just ordering takeout for one plus two days of leftovers.

Likelihood of return visit: I think it will be our go-to Chinese takeout.

Recommended dish: Spicy fried squid (shown terribly in the photo above)

Tripadvisor: #58 of 91 Restaurants in Whitehorse

North Dragon: 2058 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon