Lunch Visit: Gr8ful Spud

I decided to use a photo of the fries for my visit to Gr8ful Spud. I know, it’s a pretty terrible photo, but the fries were really good and I wanted to highlight them.

The rest of the visit was less of a highlight. Let me explain.

My husband and I arrived for lunch fairly early, but several tables were already in use. I thought it a good sign that it was already that busy.

It took a little while for someone to come take our order. Unfortunately, my order was not to be. I was going to have two appetizers. My request was denied. They were out of those two things. I tried again – guess what, that wasn’t available either.

Third time’s a charm, they say. I went with a burger. They had it.

I didn’t really want a burger. But after so many things failed to materialize, I was fine with one.

That is… if it would arrive.

As we watched the table beside us arrive, eat and leave before our food came, we knew something was up.

The server was very attentive, despite our lack of eats. Coming by several times and then (I think) getting the kitchen to make our (I think) lost order.

In the end, we gobbled down our burgers (his was a butter chicken burger) and barely managed to get photos through our famished attack on the plates.

(See? Already had taken bites when I realized!)

The burgers were good, the fries quite exemplary and the server giving us the meal on the house was great customer service.

So much credit to Gr8ful Spud who knew they screwed up and made it worth our while. We had all the time in the world, but I’d imagine a government worker on a quick lunch run wouldn’t be so forgiving. They made the effort, they owned the mistake and because of that I’d give them another chance.

It’s a far cry from a meal I had in Calgary this past week where we were also left waiting FAR longer than normal for an incorrect meal (me) and a cold one (husband). No staff came by our table and so we just ate it. When we eventually saw a server again, we complained. Our compensation? Two cans of pop. We declined as we were off to the airport and they would be otherwise useless to us. So they offered a discount on the meal.


And five of the free candies they give you with your bill.

I’m glad you’re better than that, Gr8tful Spud.