(Finally) Lunch visit: Big Bear Donair

So when Twitter erupted with word that it was open for business, it only took a couple of days for me to visit.

When I talked to CBC’s Dave White about the blog, I mentioned my excitement over the chance for donairs in town. As a former East-Coaster, it’s not surprising that he shared my excitement and we made plans to try it out.

You can hear my thoughts here:

Today I had the pleasure of chatting (and dining) with CBC Yukon’s Dave White about the newest addition to the…

Posted by All Yukon Eat on Friday, 27 November 2015

But the short and sweet of it… It was a decent donair. I’ve heard some complaints but mine was good.  Plenty of sauce, with a little pool in the bottom of the foil, as it should be. I think I like my meat a bit more spiced, but it was perfectly good. And it came with just tomatoes and onion in the pita.  (Imitators often add in many other things. I just want the basics.)

I’m sure there are still some kinks to work out and the location isn’t the best for foot traffic, but it’s a nice space and they were pumping out donairs for the lunch rush when I was there.

I can’t comment on the other wrapped goods on offer. Both Dave and I had the East Coast Donair.

Now here’s the tough question: Is it better than my homemade donairs? Maybe not? Like I mentioned, I like a bit more spice in my meat and one way to fix that is to make it yourself. If you want more or less sauce, your best bet is to also do it yourself. However, do I have an hour to make the meat loaf and three more to cook it? Only once and a while. 🙂

As I said in the interview, it’s a welcome addition to the Whitehorse dining scene.

Likelihood of return visit: My husband has been out of town since it opened, so I fully expect we will go when he returns.

Recommended dish: East Coast Donair

Tripadvisor: Not listed in Restaurants in Whitehorse

Big Bear Donair: 4th Ave at Alexander, Whitehorse, Yukon

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