Help me find hidden restaurants

Yelp, Urbanspoon (err.. now the painful to use Zomato), and even TripAdvisor are pretty poor resources as a source of list of places to dine in the Whitehorse area. They are incomplete, at best.

That’s not their fault. We have a very unique dining scene here in town. It’s a tough game, there’s no doubt. Restaurants open and close, not just with the seasons but with the whims of the residents.

Needless to say, I’m still discovering new places to get a snack.

For instance, I hear there’s a pretty decent cafeteria in the basement of the Yukon Government building. I have not been there, but I’m willing to try it out. The College is supposed to have one as well.

I can’t say I’ve tried every restaurant if I’m missing ones like those.

So, help me out! Where are the hidden restaurants? What’s your favourite place to get a snack that might be off the beaten path?