Brunch visit: Earls

Earls wasn’t my first choice. That’s not a bad thing. I’ve just been holding onto Earls for a time where I wanted something safe. With many of my remaining restaurants of the truck stop variety, Earls represents something from my childhood (or at least my teen years). It was a restaurant we used to go to with my volleyball team for end of season events or if we were on the road.

I haven’t been to Earls in years. But I knew it would be a safe choice and it was.

I ended up at Earls after visiting one downtown restaurant needing to be checked off the list. It was so busy and I only saw one harried server running around – so I left. I didn’t think it would be a good situation to try it for the first time. Strike one.

Then I went to a restaurant that I’ve been before, hoping to try a menu item that had been recommended to me. Upon getting there I found out that part of the menu was not available. Strike two.

So I ended up going to Earls.

It wasn’t particularly busy, but there were plenty of people there. The service was very pleasant, maybe above average – except for one thing. I don’t think the servers knew their voices carry from the edge of the kitchen into the dining room. Luckily the worst thing they said was to make fun of me.

I did not know that the placemat-like thing in front of me was actually a menu. I deserved the ribbing (even if it was behind my back).

I ended up ordering a brunch item – a hash with chorizo, mushrooms, avocado and poached eggs on crispy potatoes.

IMG_0771 copy.JPG

Overall, it was good. The potatoes were not a crispy as advertised and it was a bit greasy but I can’t resist anything with chorizo, mushrooms or avocado. So it was right in my wheelhouse.

Likelihood of return visit: I hate to call it a safe choice, but that’s what would bring me back.

Recommended dish: The hash was pretty good, but it’s all I tried!

Tripadvisor: #42 of 91 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Earls: 101-9016 Quartz Road, Whitehorse, Yukon

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