Take out visit: Domino’s Pizza

I think I was unfair to Domino’s Pizza. I was kind of dreading this visit, having a weird belief that I didn’t like their product. I think it stems from having cold Domino’s pizza at sports team parties in my childhood. Then Panago came along and I had a favourite. (Dear Panago, you’re always welcome in the North!)

But with no Panago here, what are my chain pizza options? Domino’s and Pizza Hut (which I still haven’t tried).

The Grey Cup was a perfect opportunity to try it out. Especially since there was a great coupon that showed up in the All Yukon Eat feed on Facebook.

IMG_0785 copy

And yes, I should’ve written this post earlier so that you would be able to use this promotion. That said, the Domino’s website has plenty of good deals.

A friend ordered online and gave me the play-by-play.


My interest in donairs has been well documented on this blog and so it’s not surprising that we ordered a Donair Pizza.

It has sweet sauce, donair meat, tomatoes and onions.

And it was surprisingly good.

Sorry, Domino’s, that sounds condescending as well.

My expectations were low but you well exceeded them and the price was right!

Do I still prefer Epic Pizza? Yes. But Epic Pizza isn’t open from lunch until late every day.

There’s a reason there are always so many cars with Domino’s lights running around town.

And I’ve finally figured out why.

Likelihood of return visit: I do like cheap eats!

Recommended dish: Donair Pizza

Tripadvisor: #66 of 91 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Domino’s Pizza: 2193 Second Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon


Also, have I mentioned that it shares a drive-thru type building with an Investors’ Group? Random.