Drive-Thru Visit: KFC

Let me tell you a brief story about one KFC experience. (And then another!)

I was studying for a semester at the University of Montreal and went down to New York for a few days. I met a guy at my hostel – a nice Australian (not the one I would marry). He was also taking a bus back to Toronto and so we decided to take the same bus (earlier than I had planned) so that we could sit together and not be stuck overnight beside some random stinky snorer.

As luck would have it, we got separated at the bus depot. He was put on one bus and I was put on a different one (as we had different destinations in the Toronto area). Sigh. Left New York early and still had to sit beside a random.

Anyways, I arrived in Toronto in the afternoon, groggy and hungry. A friend picked me up and off we went to the beer store where we got a case of something that I’d probably now find offensive, then to KFC for a bucket of chicken, and our last stop before heading home was 7-11 for a slurpee. I poured mine and as she went to pour hers… lights out.

We shared the slurpee.

We would later find out it was a huge power outage – affecting Ontario and eight states.

The friend didn’t have a very stocked fridge (she had also just returned from the summer semester in Montreal). So for the next 24 hours, all we had was beer and Kentucky Fried Chicken that was getting closer and closer to the point of rendering us very ill.

However, thanks to that random Australian, I was at least stuck in Toronto from where I was set to fly home four days later. An extra day in a powerless New York City, in the midst of a heat wave, may have made for an unwelcome adventure to try to get back to Edmonton.

I didn’t do KFC for a while after that trip. But to this day, I’ll get a craving every few years. Maybe I’ll succumb to the craving, picking up a bucket of chicken. The first bites are so good and then about thirty minutes later I’m regretting every decision I’ve ever made in my life.

The best choice is to not get a bucket. No human food should be served in a bucket. (I’m even looking at you, cheesy popcorn.)

Speaking of popcorn, what a perfect segue – into another story about KFC.

Popcorn chicken holds a special place in my heart and it’s generally what I would get at KFC these days.

Back in the early nineties, I was a pre-teen and a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. On January 3, 1993, Star Trek premiered a new program – Deep Space Nine.

My parents let me and my brother stay up to watch – AND we got to have whatever dinner we wanted. We were obviously very susceptible to advertising of the time because we picked the newly released KFC Popcorn Chicken and a 2L bottle of Crystal Pepsi.

I’ve even checked the timelines to make sure my memory is trustworthy and popcorn chicken emerged in late 1992 and Crystal Pepsi existed from 1992-93.

In doing my fact checking, I learned that popcorn chicken has come and gone a few times. I don’t go enough to KFC to know that it’s not a regular item. In fact, it’s not the same thing as it was in 1992. The pieces are much larger now and, frankly, more chicken. The original popcorn chicken was as much deep fried batter as it was chicken.

Enough with the reminiscing – I guess I should actually tell you about my recent visit!


I got a meal that had popcorn chicken, chicken fingers, fries and coleslaw.

The popcorn chicken was my favourite, especially with the higher chicken to batter ratio (I mean, look at how big that is in the picture above!). The fingers were nice and crunchy. The fries have never been high on my list and remain a disappointment. I thought I liked the coleslaw but the cabbage in this one was pulverized into pieces so tiny, you could barely believe it was once a vegetable.


Likelihood of return visit: Give me a couple years

Recommended dish: Popcorn Chicken

Tripadvisor: Not listed in the Restaurants in Whitehorse

KFC: 2230 Second Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon