Lunch Visit: The Deck Restaurant at the High Country Inn

There were two very notable things about this visit.

  1. I didn’t go alone or just with my husband, but rather with a whole group of his coworkers. I was able to see quite a few different items up for grabs.
  2. There was a breaded deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich. (shown above)

So no, I wasn’t the one who ordered the sandwich. It was right next to me and I can confirm that it was nice and crunchy with a gooey cheese (with bacon) interior.

It was a daily special that a lot of the folks at our table had not bothered to notice. I think if it was on the regular menu, there would have been more takers (just by the number of people who asked for a bite!).

So, what did I have?

Well, my husband and I shared two things (Menu, FYI): The mac and cheese bites and the fish tacos with borscht.

The mac and cheese bites were good enough – actually lighter than I expected but could have used a sharper cheese. And neither of us thought the sauce paired all that well with the bites. I think you want to cut the creamy cheese a bit more with a more vinegar-y option like ketchup, actually.

Both of us really liked the fish tacos. Fresh, crisp and with fish that was crunchy but not overly battered.

Since I was having deep fried mac and cheese, I opted for soup with the tacos.  The borscht was meaty. I tend to opt for a more vegetable-based borscht (if only because I’m usually serving it with a Ukrainian feast that contains lots of meat). But it was pleasantly spiced and filling as well.

Likelihood of return visit: I need to check out the deck when it’s not -20.

Recommended dish: Fish Tacos

Tripadvisor: Not listed in the Restaurants in Whitehorse (though the High Country Inn is #4 of 14 Hotels in Whitehorse and some reviews mention The Deck)

The Deck Restaurant in the Coast High Country Inn: 4051 4th Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon

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