Revisit: The Hue Oasis

I’ve been to The Hue Oasis in the Skky Hotel a few times and I only expect that frequency to increase now that it is one of the closest restaurants to our home south of the city. It’s a favourite due to their Korean offerings – Bi Bim Bap is such comfort food for me.

The reason for a re-visit is that they’ve expanded their menu and two people I know recommended that I give it a try.

The addition, as you can tell by the picture above, is sushi.

I was concerned by the addition of sushi, that they might decrease their Korean menu. But the server assured me that’s not happening.

So how was it? Good! All the fish seemed fresh and the rolls made to order. The bonus was that we could also get a Korean seafood pancake on the side!

It compares well to the other sushi in town – maybe even better? Hard to tell without tasting them all side by side. Oh great, now I want to do a sushi taste test.

Note to self: Just be happy there are several sushi options in town!

Likelihood of return visit: Yep, I keep coming back.

Recommended dish: (from the sushi menu) Spicy Tuna Roll

Tripadvisor: #13 of 93 Restaurants in Whitehorse

The Hue Oasis: Skky Hotel, 16 Burns Road, Just off Alaska Highway, Whitehorse, Yukon

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