Great Find: Braeburn Lodge Cinnamon Buns

So I couldn’t technically put this under “visit” because I didn’t visit Braeburn Lodge. In fact, I didn’t even know I was getting a gigantic cinnamon bun was coming my way!

I’ve been a little sad lately because I had to give back the dog I’ve been taking care of for the last 9 months. He’s turned up in a couple of blog posts over that time.

As a newcomer to the Yukon with a husband gone at work, this dog became my best friend and often the only person I’d speak to in person for days. But now he’s back with his family and I’m alone again.

The pup came with us on lots of Yukon trips during the summer, but when we went further afield, we had a housesitter take care of him. She knew how much his absence has saddened me lately, so she dropped by with the biggest cinnamon bun I’ve ever seen. (fist for scale)


Now I’ve heard of the Braeburn Lodge cinnamon buns. They are an institution up here. But the only time we drove up that way was at 9pm. So no dice.

She said she had contemplated waiting to drop it off until my husband returned so that we could share it. But fresh won out. (Since I’m such a wonderful wife, I did cut it in half and freeze a portion for my husband. Upon returning from camp, he demolished it.)


As for the cinnamon bun itself,  I think it is an above average cinnamon bun. I just wish it had cream cheese icing. Everything is better with cream cheese icing!

(In the picture above, I didn’t even wait until I’d taken the shot to pull off a little bit and try it. It just smelled so good!)

The big question is: Is it worth a trip up the Klondike Highway? Yes. If you’re passing by and they are open, you have to stop. It’s Yukon tradition.

Likelihood of return visit:Well, I need to hit up more restaurants in Dawson, so I’ll definitely make the stop

Recommended dish: Uh, giant cinnamon buns (I genuinely have no idea what else they serve!)

Tripadvisor:#60 of 135 Restaurants in Yukon

Braeburn Lodge: Mile 55 Klondike Highway, Braeburn, Yukon