Drive-Thru Lunch Visit: Tim Hortons (1 of 2)

It has finally happened. I have visited one of the two Tim Hortons. Can you believe it has almost taken a year?

I’m not that surprised.

Would you believe I’m not a big fan of Tim Hortons?

There’s no childhood trauma or long story behind my dislike of Timmy’s. Sure, the lack of an apostrophe in the name of the restaurant grinds my gears a bit and I find it disappointing that our national identity is somehow tied to the legacy of a drunk-driving hockey player, but the ubiquitous Canadian chain has never harmed me in any way.

For me, there’s little appeal. I don’t drink coffee, so the lure of a cheap cup (that’s the appeal, right?) does nothing for me. It downright offends my husband who is a bit of a coffee nerd and would pick McDonalds coffee over Tim Hortons 99 times out of 100.

I like a honey cruller from time to time, but with the prevalence of doughnuts in office life, it’s easy to go without actually buying one.

And one last beef – the lineup. I’m not a patient person and I hate queuing up. I will blame it on my early twenties waiting to get into nightclubs in the dead of Edmonton winter in outfits suited for mardi gras – with fewer feathers.

The lineup in the store and the drive thru is remarkable no matter what time of day. Even though it is one of the few (two?) restaurants open 24 hours, I was amazed to see it packed at 4:30am after dropping my husband off for his bus ride to work.

So how did I end up at Tim Hortons?

Well, as I was recently told on twitter…

I said I’m going to every restaurant (and I’ve since expanded that to pretty much every food providing establishment) and I mean it.

(I have an upcoming post about Tags gas station. I kid you not.)

And as I was trying to quickly pick something up for lunch, I noticed that Tim Hortons had only two cars in the drive-thru. TWO! I made a quick right turn and was in the lineup just seconds later.

I have to give lots of credit to the folks working that drive-thru. ‘Tis a well-oiled machine. One not-so-well-oiled machine? Me.

Unlike most Tim Hortons customers, I looked up at the drive-thru menu and had NO IDEA what would be there. The car that had lined up behind me must have HATED me. Three cars got ahead of me using the other lane as I hummed and hawed my way through the menu.

I ended up with a BLT (I had to ask for it to be toasted, apparently the standard is not toasted, but I will hold my disdain for this but maintain my love for this sandwich), a honey cruller and a decaf orange pekoe tea.

More credit where credit is due: Having a black decaf tea. I’m pretty caffeine sensitive, so I try to limit my consumption. Most places just have herbal teas: chamomile, mint (ugh) and something fruity. That’s fine. I appreciate the effort, but I like it even better when I can get standard tea sans caffeine. (High maintenance, I know!)

So, how was my meal?

It was fine.

Remember how I expected a BLT to be toasted? Well, they toasted it alright. Black around the edges. Hard to tell in the photo, but enlarge the photo and look closely. I only noticed it once I started eating and got that distinct burntish flavour.

The doughnut was a doughnut.

The tea was tea. (More credit offered up to the drive-thru team – As I pulled up, she handed me the sandwich and doughnut but also caught that they had made a non-decaf tea. I watched as she told another staff member to grab a decaf tea. I had my concerns about someone just switching the tea bags, but can assure you I did not consume any caffeine.)

This visit held consistent my views of Tim Hortons.


Fun fact: I’ve never rolled up a rim.


Likelihood of return visit: I still have to visit the other Tim Hortons!

Recommended dish: Fist pump for decaf orange pekoe tea! But really, the honey cruller.

Tripadvisor: #27 of 94 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Tim Hortons: 2210 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon