Visit: Tags Food and Gas

Well, this is definitely one of the less appealing stops on my mission to eat my way through Whitehorse.

I happened to be at the thrift store next door looking for a lid for a pot. I failed in this task, but figured I should check something else off my list and visit Tags.

The reason I’ve included it on the list rather than every other gas station is the large assortment of prepared (or just fried) foods available.

I was surprised to find that it also has slurpees/slushies/squishies… slush beverages.

Up until now, I thought my choices were Integra Tire or Riverside Grocery.


Now there are three on my list for next summer – or for a -15 day, like this day I grabbed one.

I also got a corndog. It was edible, I did not get sick afterwards and it only cost $1.50.

But I didn’t even take a photo of it.

Likelihood of return visit: If I happen to be getting gas and want a slurpee, so fairly low but not a no.

Recommended dish: Stick to the slush machine

Tags Food and Gas: 4221 4 Ave, Whitehorse, YT