Where art thou, Mr. Mike?

I’ve now been up here almost a year. We arrived first in February, during Rendezvous, and then returned at the end of March with all of our belongings close behind.

The entire year, that Mr. Mikes sign has been up on the old Motorways land, but little progress has been made.

I’ve googled it a bit and last summer there were claims that construction would start soon. But as the glass blower building seems close to finished, we still await our Mr. Mikes.

But I assume people will keep questioning me about it. After asking about my favourite restaurants and least favourites, I’m surprised how many people ask about Mr. Mikes. I just wanted to set the record straight that I’m not in the restaurant industry so I have no more knowledge than what you see in local papers and online.

I’ve never been to a Mr. Mikes either! (Apparently the first one was in Vancouver, but they’ve definitely franchised out into smaller markets in Western Canada.)

But I’d try it if it opened here. 😉


Proposed Mr Mikes: Second Avenue and Front St