Dinner Visit: The Wheelhouse

My husband and I aren’t much for Valentine’s Day. We get each other cards, but that’s about it. That said, the red store shelves of Shoppers Drug Mart and diamond-laden commercials do tend to remind us to do something nice, but it’s never on the 14th, and there aren’t flowers or chocolates.

This year, earlier in Valentine’s Day week, we had dinner at The Wheelhouse.

As someone who has spent much of the last year unemployed, The Wheelhouse isn’t for everyone. For instance, mains are $25-$40.

We had a gift certificate, so that was a good start!

The rest was good too.

We really went all out with this meal. Appetizers, mains, a dessert and even cocktails.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The Wheelhouse: Full Menu

It’s a nice space that I’d love to see in the summer with the late day sun. But as it was February, we couldn’t see out toward the Yukon River.

We started with cocktails, a Dark and Stormy Waters for him and a Yukon Old Fashioned for me.

For appetizers, we had the pork belly and the mushroom and goat cheese flat bread. The pork belly may have been the star of the whole meal. My husband usually doesn’t go for it, but was glad he did this time. It was really nicely cooked paired perfectly with the sweetness from the birch syrup. The rich pork was cut by the tart apples and the kale added a texture and earthiness that really completed the dish.

We also liked the flatbread – I’m a sucker for anything with mushrooms and cheese.

As for the mains, we went against type and ordered exactly what the other person would usually get.

I ended up with the rack of lamb and he had the duck confit. We would trade halfway through the meal.

My last experience with duck was not a good one – and so I was kind of scared to go in that direction again.

Thankfully this was a totally different story. Both dishes were really lovely. Full stop. I would struggle to pick a winner between the two. (The pork belly remains the most memorable item.)

I’m generally uninspired by lentils, but those served with the lamb were tasty. Equally delicious was the mushroom and barley risotto served with the duck.

At this point, I’m full to the brim. But my husband was ready for dessert so the splurge continued.

Without having to consider my anti-coffee interests, he could pick whatever he wanted from the dessert menu. He went with a coffee crème brûlée. I tasted it. It seemed like something a coffee liker would like? While disappointed that he couldn’t crack the top of it with his spoon, he said the strong coffee taste and general flavour were very appealing.


I asked my husband to sum up his thoughts of The Wheelhouse and he said:

“I thought it was good. Pricy, but all the things we had were good.”

Note: This is pretty high praise.


I’d also like to remark on the service which was exemplary – friendly and fun but also professional.

It was disappointing to see it wasn’t particularly busy on a Thursday night – but I’m guessing we visited in the very slowest season for them.

As mentioned, it’s not an everyday or once a month restaurant for folks like us. But they make good food and drinks, and should be considered for your next special occasion – like when you want to treat someone special to a nice dinner on a day that isn’t Valentine’s!


Likelihood of return visit: I could see us returning for just cocktails on one of their jazz nights – not as big of a bill to cover!

Recommended dish: Pork Belly

Tripadvisor: #7 of 94 Restaurants in Whitehorse

The Wheelhouse: Unit 170, 2237 Second Avenue, Waterfront Station, Whitehorse

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