Take out visit: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut was one of the restaurants on my husband’s “do we really have to go there?” list.

But once you’ve tried 50 other places, it ends up near the top of the list.

Lucky for him, I was downtown and just needed to pick up some dinner to bring home – while he was out of town.

Pizza Hut has some interesting offerings on the menu like butter chicken pizza and cheesy poutine but I opted for the standard fare: Canadian.


Side note: I’m not a HUGE fan of green peppers. If they are in something, I’ll eat them, no problem. But I don’t love them. A lot of the pizza choices have green peppers on them. And when they are represented with an image, I can’t ignore them in the ingredients.

Anyways, I was way way way hungry when I picked up the pizza.

I couldn’t fathom driving all the way home smelling pizza. So I grabbed a slice in the car before setting off.

This was a terrible idea.

It was definitely right out of the oven and into the box and into my car – and into my mouth.

The toppings had not yet set. The initial bite dragged with it about half the cheese, meat and mushrooms. It was burning hot and I was eating in the dark. It was a terrible mess that resulted in a burnt roof of my mouth.

It was cooler by the time I got home and ate more pizza. It was even cooler when I would take it to work for lunch. (The photo at the very top is how it looks as a leftover.)

I haven’t had Pizza Hut in many years. But it honestly hasn’t changed. The flavour and texture of the crust reminded me of my childhood.


I don’t want to admit it, but I really liked the second piece. When those little grease pockets in the crust burst in your mouth and there’s also a brittle crunch covering the more doughy layer beneath the toppings… It’s amazing. But it also makes me feel bloated and lethargic after that third piece.

And then the next day I want it again and I go through the same love-hate reaction.

Do I like Pizza Hut? Do I hate Pizza Hut?

I don’t know.

Part of me just wants to keep it in my past.

It was a treat when I was a kid. My parents usually opted for Little Caesars (until Panago emerged in my teens and it’s still my favourite to this day and I would get it all the time if it ever came to Whitehorse). You know you’d been bad if you ended up with Pizza 73. You were at your rich friend’s house if you got Pizza Hut.

This single pizza wasn’t cheap either. There are deals to be had but not what I wanted.

Anyways, let’s wrap this up.

Likelihood of return visit: Not high, but I’m weirdly fascinated by the lunch buffet. That’s something I could do in a subsequent post

Recommended dish: Pizza

Tripadvisor: #77 of 79 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Pizza Hut: 2220 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon