Lunch Visit: Golden Sakura

I can’t keep track of who owns what Japanese restaurant. I’ve tried to describe it in previous posts, but I just give up.

From now on, I’m just treating every new or renamed restaurant as its own post. Who cares what it was or is or will be.

So what’s Golden Sakura? It’s a Japanese restaurant with a menu not dissimilar from some of the other options in town.

The interior hasn’t changed much from previous visits. The menu seems familiar. The service was pleasant and prompt. And the food?

It seemed in line with what I’ve come to expect as Whitehorse sushi. I’ve had only one bad experience with Whitehorse sushi – despite being warned about it upon my arrival. This was not it.

For this lunch visit, my husband and I both ordered bento boxes. Mine was a prawn-themed assortment of sushi and tempura. He had some nigiri and teriyaki chicken.

Overall, it was.. reliable. It hit the standard that I’ve come to expect in this town. Nothing was amiss.

Apologies that my photos aren’t that good for this visit. It’s still dark in there!

It was what I was looking for in a sushi meal. So my first impression of this new restaurant is that they are succeeding.

Likelihood of return visit: Fairly high – now that I have tried all the (current) sushi restaurants, I don’t know if I have a favourite. Location will probably determine which ones I revisit.

Recommended dish: Prawn tempura

Tripadvisor: Not yet listed in Restaurants in Whitehorse

(Sakura: 16 of 95 Restaurants in Whitehorse)

Golden Sakura: 404 Wood Street, Whitehorse, Yukon

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