Tourist event: Yukon Whisky Dinner

I had to add the word “tourist” to the title of this event in order for us Whitehorse folks to realize it’s not for us. It’s a pretty cool idea, but it’s definitely for out of towners  wanting to experience the North.

Before I go into the details of this particular event,  I just wanted to say how cool it would be for a Whisky Dinner in town! Say one of the local restaurants partners up with Two Brewers and maybe some other Canadian whiskey makers (via the Yukon Liquor Corp) to do a fancy five course meal paired with half ounce selections. Something like that.

(Also: I failed to post about the first or second Whisky release from Two Brewers, but based on the lineup out the door both times, I think they did okay!! We picked up the first batch, pictured above and I liked it. My husband is more interested in whisky but as a very casual consumer of it, I liked that it wasn’t smoky or peaty like some of the ones in our liquor cabinet. Seemed very balanced to my untrained palate.)

But if you’re one of my few readers from outside the territory and you want to give us, our liquor and food a shot – the Yukon Whisky Dinner is an option too!

Find out more information here.